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There are various problems in children’s oral health, such as tooth decay and thumb sucking. Tooth decay, thumb sucking, tongue clenching, lip sucking, and premature tooth loss are many problems that affect a child’s oral health. Baby teeth are eventually replaced by permanent teeth, but keeping them healthy is important to your child’s overall health and well-being. The best kids dentist Mountlake Terrace recommends visiting the clinic as early as the first tooth erupts. 

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

The best kids dentist Mountlake Terrace  says that bottle caries (also known as infant caries, breast caries, and breastfeeding bottle syndrome) is the frequent contamination of a baby’s teeth with sugar from beverages such as fruit juice, milk, formula, diluted fruit juice, and sugar water or other sweetened beverages. When breastfed babies go to sleep with leftover milk in their mouths, they too are at risk of tooth decay. Bacteria in your mouth feed on sugar and cause tooth decay.

If left untreated, cavities can cause pain and make chewing and eating difficult. In addition, deciduous teeth act as “space savers” for adult teeth. If a primary tooth is damaged or destroyed, it may not be able to guide the permanent tooth into its proper position, causing it to become crowded or crooked.A severely decayed primary tooth can lead to a tooth abscess. Yes, and the infection can spread to other parts of the body.

Stick TongueKids dentistry Mountlake Terrace often encounters problems such as tongue thrust, practice of swallowing with the tip of the tongue pressed against the lips and the mouth closed.

Similar to sucking your thumb, clenching your tongue can put pressure on your front teeth, causing them to become misaligned and protruding, causing an overbite and interfering with proper language development.

If you notice symptoms of tongue sticking out, see a speech-language pathologist. He or she can develop a treatment plan to improve your child’s chewing power and develop new swallowing patterns.

Suck Lips

The lower lip is repeatedly held under the upper front teeth while sucking the lip. Lower lip sucking can occur alone or in combination with thumb sucking. This habit leads to overbite, which causes the same problems as thumb sucking and tongue sticking. Breaking the habit involves the same steps as stopping thumb sucking. Failing to do so can lead you to seeking the help of kids dentistry Mountlake Terrace.

Early Tooth Loss

Premature loss of primary teeth in children is usually caused by tooth decay, injury, or lack of jaw space.

If a tooth is lost before the permanent tooth erupts, the adjacent tooth becomes tilted or misaligned. There may not be enough space when permanent teeth try to encroach on that space. New teeth may come out crooked. Crooked or misaligned teeth can cause a variety of problems, from being unable to chew properly to TMJ problems.

If your child loses teeth prematurely, seek help from the Kids Dentistry Mountlake Terrace because they may recommend space maintenance. A space maintainer is a plastic or metal device that holds open the space left by a missing tooth. Once the permanent tooth has erupted, it will be removed by the dentist.
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