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Tobacco Risks on Oral Health

Tobacco Risks on Oral Health

🤢Bad breath is only the beginning.... Watch this👇 video to learn more about how tobacco affects your Oral Health! #SayNoToTobacco #OralCare #OralHealth #BadHabits #MouthHealthy #QuiteTobacco Tobacco Risks on Oral HealthCigarette smoking and smokeless tobacco use are bad habits that have a negative effect on your oral health. The tar and nicotine from tobacco not only stain ... Source #robinsoncosmenticdental Read more

Cosmetic Dentistry In Practice

Can you whiten teeth without damaging enamel with Cosmetic Dentistry?This question is frequently asked by people who have undergone teeth whitening treatments. There are many home whitening kits in the market but many are afraid of damaging their teeth. They think they are killing their teeth, but in reality they are cleaning it. A home whitening kit will work best for those who have yellowish teeth. Yellowish teeth are caused by nicotine, coffee, tea and wine. These stains will not be ... Read more

Cosmetic Dentistry FAQ

WHAT ARE SOME BENEFITS OF COSMETIC DENTISTRY?For about 30 years dentists have been using Implants to get the desired results. However there has been a big advancement in the field of teeth bleaching products. Many companies have come out with a product that does not involve a gel like substance on the teeth. This new gel works on the outer part of the teeth. COSMETIC DENTISTRY is a great way to get the desired results on the teeth. When applied to ... Read more

Questions For Your Dentist

Will my dental insurance pay for cosmetic treatments?It's a good idea to get yourself into the habit of asking your insurance company about their coverages for dental care. Many times you can get a no brainer answer, but other times you'll be put on hold while they call back. If you're in the latter group, you'll probably want to get the dental insurance company's office. Not only will this give you the real number, it will also be easier for you ... Read more

Dental Question And Answer

Is there a fast, simple way to fix the gap in my teeth?The first thing to remember is that you can't expect to simply walk into a Sedation Dentistry office and expect them to fix your gap. It is generally recommended that dentists try to do so, but sometimes it just isn't possible (due to insurance, etc.). So what you need to do instead, is to get in touch with your family dentist, and find out whether they are able to ... Read more
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