Seattle Aquarium 

The Seattle Aquarium is located in the heart of Puget Sound, just across the border in British Columbia. Visitors to this aquarium will discover 25,000-gallon exhibits that feature the region’s diverse wildlife. The wildlife is particularly well-represented in the Puget Sound Aquarium’s tiger sharks and tufted puffins exhibit. There’s also a great chance to see the famous bald eagle.

The seawall around Seattle dates back to 1916, with most of the construction completed in the 1930s. This structure was built from 250,000 cubic yards of dirt and old-growth trees. The seawall gave Seattle a reputation as an international seaport, but many people believed it was doomed to fail. As such, the Aquarium’s expansion was delayed until the issue of the seawall’s safety was addressed. The aquarium’s completion date is now set for 2024.

The exhibits at the Seattle Aquarium will amaze you with their colors and fascinating features. The eight-legged wonder of the deep, the Giant Pacific Octopus, and the Puget Sound Fish all live within the aquarium. This is a truly interactive aquarium with many fun interactive displays and live animals. At the aquarium, you can see sea urchins, otters, seals, and more. A visit to this aquarium will keep you entertained for hours!

The Port of Washington is committed to providing funding for the Aquarium’s Ocean Pavilion, a major public space in downtown Seattle. This partnership will establish a new framework for collaboration between the two organizations and support for early work on kelp restoration. It will also formalize future collaboration on environmental education, maritime environmental programs, and engagement opportunities. In addition to the new partnership, the Port and Aquarium will establish a committee for the Ocean Pavilion project, with representatives from both organizations and other external stakeholders.

Parking at the Aquarium is free. Parking at the Pike Place Market Garage is available for over 800 cars. There are handicapped parking spaces as well as elevators to the waterfront. Parking vouchers can be purchased for up to three hours. The Aquarium does not bear responsibility for lost tickets or unused parking time. Parking vouchers are only valid at the Pike Place Market Garage. Parking is limited at the Alaskan Way entrance, so parking is recommended. Check this out.

For younger children, the Woodland Park Zoo is a great place to visit. This historic, non-profit zoo is dedicated to animal welfare and conservation. Its unique environment will delight children of all ages. It also has an interactive Zoomazium for younger visitors to learn about nature. There’s a large carousel for those who want to experience the thrill of a carousel. Admission is $4. Click for more info.