Woodland Park Zoo

Woodland Park Zoo

The Woodland Park Zoo is one of the top five attractions in Seattle, WA. Located at 5500 Phinney Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103.  A membership at the zoo is an excellent way to experience unlimited admission to the zoo and its many benefits. Woodland Park Zoo gift cards make excellent gifts, as you can use them to purchase admission or a membership and use them at most retail outlets or restaurants. Even better, you can also use them to buy merchandise at the zoo.

The original site of the zoo was originally a Victorian-style estate owned by Canadian real estate developer Guy Phinney. The original zoo included a formal rose garden, a deer park, and a pump house that brought water from Greenlake to the zoo. The original site was bisected by Aurora Avenue, and later two new sections were created, Upper and Lower. In the early twentieth century, several construction projects were completed in the park, including a zoo for children.

Woodland Park Zoo is best visited during the weekdays after 1pm. You’ll need to wear comfortable walking shoes and plan on spending at least half a day at the zoo. You can also purchase food in the cafes and restaurants. If you’re visiting on a Monday, Wednesday, or Friday, consider going on a day before or after work to make sure you’ll have time to see everything.

The gorillas at Woodland Park Zoo are Western Lowland gorillas, which are more common in zoos than Mountain Gorillas, which are rarer and more threatened. The gorillas at Woodland Park Zoo are separated into two separate troops, each consisting of two males, Leonel and Niko. The Gorillas in Troop 1 are Nina and Leonel, who were rescued as infants. Nina is the oldest gorilla in Troop 1, and has bred four gorillas and fostered one.

The Woodland Park Zoo’s goal is to inspire people of all backgrounds and abilities to care for wildlife. In this mission, the zoo welcomes people with disabilities and backgrounds to enjoy the zoo’s educational programs. The Distance Learning Specialist at the zoo oversees the learning and innovation department’s educational distance learning projects and media-based projects. She integrates systems and best practices from the web to create engaging learning opportunities.

Military personnel, spouses, and kinship caregivers can enjoy discounts at the zoo. AAA members and people with disabilities can also enjoy special discounts at the zoo. Visiting the zoo is also a fun way to engage your students in higher-order thinking activities. They’ll be able to discuss topics like environmental stewardship and the importance of protecting the Salish Sea ecosystem.